Castle Villas

Honeydew Castle

Wake up to Opulence

The 2 bedroom Honeydew castles with French cathedral windows, expansive kitchen and majestic visage are surrounded by natural foliage and sculpted landscapes to give you an experience of a pure countryside living

Amberleaf Castle

County styled Castle Villas of your dreams

The lavish Amberleaf castle villas comprising of spacious 3 bedrooms are enveloped by the lush green landscape with a breathtaking view.

Peachtree Castle

Adorn the jewels of Medieval Europe

The 3 bedroom castle villas are designed in ways that remind you of the medieval Europe. The first floor terrace garden with airy interiors and splendid French windows together make the castles a delight to live in.

Winterberry Castle

Stately Castles For The Kings to Reside In

Glance at the panoramic view through the windows of these delightfully crafted 3 bedroom villas of Winterberry to mesmerize your senses. Relish the landscaped gardens and quaint living spaces of the regal castles to delve in serenity of a unique kind.

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